Sunday, 20 February 2011


I've fallen into something
Something I cannot change.
Something which is set out for me, 
made out of my power,
something beautiful and fierce.
Something flexible,
but perfect to me.
Something worthy of debate,
something that not everyone agrees with.
Something that only makes sense to me. and him.
An example of love conquering all,
of love being all.
Something I can't live without,
and choose not to live without.
Something which maps my life out,
I can see everything,
how it should be,
how it could be,
how it will be.
If we allow it to be.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Open your eyes...

When are you going to stop being such a venomous bitch?
When are you going to see that alcohol won't drown your problems? it'll only make them float. 
When will you realise that not everyone is out to get you? 
When are you going to see that these won't help you... matter what concoction you choose to take...
and eventually they'll kill you?
when will you realise that your moods are so unpredictable that its like every time I take a step, it kills me?

and eventually.....
it will kill me?